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Are you looking to buy a real estate property in Doha?

The property market has been open to non-Qataris since 2004. Expats can only buy properties in specific designated large-scale developments in Doha: The Pearl-Qatar, Zig Zag Towers, Lusail Projects and Al Khor.

However such investment is subject to the following restrictions:

  • The real estate must only be used for residential purposes for either the owner or the owner’s family members.
  • The floor area of the property must not be more than 3000 m².
  • The owner may not transfer the title of property before the expiry of two years from the date the
    property was registered under the owner’s name.
  • Financing your purchase

There is a first down payment when signing the booking agreement (generally 20% of the purchase price) to secure the unit. The remaining tranche of payment is paid as per contract statement. The process takes around 13 days to complete the property registration.
There is also the option to take out a mortgage if you do not have all the money needed to purchase the property. Of course, the mortgage is subject to the Bank’s due-diligence.

Buying off-plan

One can also purchase a property before it has been completely built. This is usually a more affordable option, but also comes with risks like delays which hold completion up or even the possibility the unit will never be completed. Buying property in a new country can be overwhelming. We recommend working with a professional real estate agent who can make sure you’re getting the best deal and explain everything to you along the way. Mirage Property and its professional agents can help you through the process of finding the perfect Qatar villa or apartment for sale to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Start checking the properties available for sale in Doha, call us to find out more: 00974 4444 4431

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