1. How long is a general leasing contract?

Usually, the leasing contract is for one or two years

2. How much commission is charged for a rental?

Commission is usually the equivalent of half a month’s rent for a one-year contract and one month for a two-year contract.

3. How much commission is charged when buying a property?

The fee is 2% of the purchase price.

4. What paperwork is required when renting a property?

If you sign the contract under your name, you will need the following:

a. Copy of your Residence Permit (RP)
b. Copy of your Qatari ID
c. Copy of your passport.
d. Signed cheques are required before the commencement of the tenancy. For a one-year contract, you need to provide 13 cheques: 12 post-dated for each month’s rent plus one cheque for the deposit.
If the contract is under your Company’s name:
1. Copy of company registration (CR)
2. Copy of establishment/Computer ID
3. Copy of ID, RP & passport of person signing the contract

5. Why do I have to pay a security deposit when renting a property?

A security deposit is security for the landlord that rent will be paid and other responsibilities of the lease performed (e.g., paying for damage caused by the tenant, utilities, etc). Usually, this amount is equal to one month’s rent.

6. How do home utilities work?

Once your contract is signed, you are required to set up utilities such as water, electricity, cooking gas, telephone and Internet connection.

Water and Electricity: In Qatar these are managed by Kahramaa. To activate the service, you need to apply attaching the copy of the contract, the QID and the ownership certificate from the landlord. A deposit of 2,000 QAR (QR 1,200 for electricity and QR 800 for water) is required.

Landline phone and internet: Ooredoo is the country’s primary telecommunications service provider. Ooredoo’s home services include landline, broadband internet and TV packages. You can apply by visiting an Ooredoo shop or dealer.

Mobile telephone: You can choose between Ooredoo and Vodafone. To acquire a pre-paid mobile connection, you only require a copy of your passport or Qatar ID card. For a post-paid connection, you will need to provide a copy of your residence permit.

7. What about maintenance?

Most landlords provide maintenance free of charge which includes HVAC, electrics and plumbing. However it is important to note that free maintenance does not cover damages caused by tenants.

8. Can I break my contract before the expiring date?

Generally, no. As per the law, the lease shall be terminated at the end of the term specified in the agreement. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances (force majeure) it could be possible with one month’s notice and subject to a penalty payment.

9. Do I need to reside in Qatar in order to rent a property?

Yes, the law states the Qatar Identity Card is mandatory to be entitled to a one-or-two year contract. Nevertheless, it’s possible to reside temporarily in hotel apartments or residences where only your passport with a valid VISA stamp is required.

10. What is the difference between a fully-furnished, semi-furnished and unfurnished unit?

The fully-furnished unit typically includes installed kitchen appliances, living and dining area furniture, beds and wardrobes.

The semi-furnished unit includes all kitchen appliances and air-conditioning units only. Sometimes it may include built-in wardrobes.

The unfurnished unit does not include any appliances, not even air-conditioning units.

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