Qatar banks’ private sector loans grow by QR13.9bn to QR480bn

DOHA: Qatar banks’ loans and credit facilities to the real estate sector rose by QR10.9bn in March 2018. The banks’ total domestic loans and credit facilities to the local private sector was increased by QR13.9bn to QR480.2bn in March; of which the facilities to the real estate sector rose to QR157.9bn, a reading of the banks’ consolidated balance sheet by The Group Securities shows.

The consumer loans for individuals were up by QR1.5bn to QR125.8bn, as credit for trade and services stood at QR68.3bn and QR64.9bn, respectively. The loans and facilities to the non-banking financial sector reachedQR17.3bn. Total domestic loans and credit facilities provided by banks to the local private sector was increased by QR13.9bn to QR480.2bn. However, the total domestic private sector deposits at local banks decreased by about QR4.7bn to QR356.5bn, by the end of March.

Qatar banks’ assets (and liabilities) increased by QR15.5bn to QR1394.8bn by the end of the month, compared to QR1379.3bn by the end of February, 8.8 percent higher than a year earlier, which represents an increase of QR112.3bn.

Government and public sector deposits have increased by QR8.3bn to QR309bn. Government deposits recorded QR88.2bn, while the deposits of semi-government institutions, in which government share is less than 100 percent and more than 50 percent, stood at QR29.4bn. On the other hand, the total loans of the government and public sector increased by QR9.9bn to reach QR351bn.

The breakdown shows government deposits at QR184.5bn, down by QR8.2bn from the previous month and government institutions deposits slipped by QR0.3bn to QR146.4bn, as semi-governmental institutions’ deposit edged up by 0.4bn to QR20.1bn.

Figures suggest that the balance of government bonds and bills have increased by QR2.6bn to QR152bn. As a result, the total domestic public debt (government, government institutions and semi-government institutions, as well as bonds, bills and sukuk) decreased by QR5.4bn to QR503bn.

Commercial banks’ investments in securities outside Qatar rose by QR0.1bn to QR18.1bn, and their assets at foreigner banks increased by QR1.8bn to QR83.3bn. Local banks’ loans to foreign parties dropped by QR3.8bn to QR86.2bn, while their investments in foreign companies increased by about QR0.2bn to QR40.2bn. Commercial banks’ other assets outside the country fell by about QR0.6bn to reach QR3.98bn.

In contrast, foreign banks deposits from local banks increased by QR6.3bn to QR209.1bn. Domestic banks’ foreigner debt, in the form of bonds and certificates of deposit, increased by QR0.4bn to QR48.6bn. The balance of foreign deposits at Qatari banks was increased by QR4.7bn to QR146.7bn. (Source)

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