Things You Should Always Check at a Viewing

It’s always an exciting time when you think that you’ve found a rental in Qatar that you’re ready to move into. More often than not, we end up overlooking a number of things because we want to get the process over with and start moving in. But here are a number of things you should never overlook at a viewing.

1. Mobile and Internet Connection Strength:

Nothing can ruin moving into a new home than the realization that the internet connection or your cell phone signal is weak! Try making a few calls, and connect to the internet (if possible) so you can know what you’re working with.

2. Neighbors:

Be it a building or compound, you’re going to have neighbors. So, take a quick look around, notice noise levels, the conditions of the buildings, storerooms, and even the shared facilities and amenities. Aim at doing this twice – during the day and at night, so you can gauge the overall atmosphere.

3. Parking:

Check the parking situation. How many spots will you get? Is the area clean? Make sure that you have the parking arrangement as part of your contract agreement, as to avoid future disputes.

4. Maintenance:
Make sure that you understand what is included when it comes to maintenance, and what will be your responsibility. If possible, ask to speak to the building manager or the maintenance team, and get a feel of who you could be dealing with in the future

5. Water pressure and temperature:

Turn on the kitchen and bathroom faucets for a quick temperature and pressure test of the water. Check with the building manager about the hot/cold water situation, as it could be a major annoyance, just like low water pressure.

6. Check for dampness:

With the humid weather, dampness in homes is not a rarity. So, make sure that you check for any signs of dampness in the unit. These could include: a moldy smell, bubbling paint or even peeling wallpaper.

7. The community:

How is the general area? Is suitable for what you’re looking for? Take a quick walk around the neighborhood and find out for yourself

*Expert Tip:
Always take someone with you when viewing a property! The more eyes, the better.

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